Single Parent Family Advantages

Single parents often fear that their children will be harmed from being raised in a single-parent home, and media reports often do little to put these anxieties at ease. But, there can be advantages to kids from living with only one parent.

If the home situation prior to becoming a single parent family had lots of conflict, children will gradually become less anxious if the conflict stops after the parents separate. Since the parent is no longer devoting energy to the conflict, the parent should be able to direct more energy toward the children. Kids will have the opportunity to see good relationships modeled instead of the conflicted two-parent relationship.

Kids will learn coping skills since they suffered from either the breakup of their parents or from being different from their peers who have two parents. Since life is not smooth sailing all of the time for anyone, children gain valuable lessons from living through a life-changing event such as their parent's divorce or from having a parent that chose to be a single parent without a partner. Your child's life may not be the ideal you and she had imagined, but that doesn't mean that there can't be lots of fun, love, and other rewards.

A single parent often has more time to spend with the children then someone who is married would. Meals may not have to be as elaborate since kids often have limted items that they will eat. Household chores may be reduced, especially if the other parent didn't offer much help in this area. You now may have one less person to take care of!

Your kids get to experience life in two homes. Sometimes this can be an advantage, as the kids get exposed to different views and lifestyles. At the very least, the kids will have the opportunity to compare the different homes and if one is lacking, they hopefully have a good model to follow at the other home.

Children in single parent families often have stepparents and even get involved with the extended stepfamilies. Your kids now have more relatives and more opportunities to establish close relationships with people who are connected to them. These new adults may expose your child to new experiences that could be the springboard for your child for a career or hobby.

Having only one parent in the home causes kids to mature faster. The sole parent will probably have a job and other responsibilites, making it impossible to dedicate every waking moment to the kids. Your children will become more independent since they have to do more tasks for themselves. They may learn new skills such as cooking or cleaning that parents in a two-parent home may not think necessary to teach them, especially if their two-parent home included a stay-at-home parent. Also, the kids have seen that life doesn't always go according to plan, and that they need to be able to take care of themselves as adults and not rely on a partner to do it for them.

Kids in divorced families often get double holidays. What kid wouldn't like to have two Christmases? Often, they end up with more loot due to large extended families than they would have gotten if their parents were still together.

There are many advantages for kids to be raised in a two-parent home. But, single parent homes are often unfairly portrayed as being terrible for the children. Empathize with your kids about their feeling of being different from peers in two-parent homes, and emphasize the good things about your current living situation. You can be the head of a successful single parent family!

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